Candle Making Problems / Troubleshooting

Below are some common problems you man encounter when making candles. Always remember, to test your product as different attributes will effect your final product; such as melt temperature, pour temperature, fragrance loading and how warm it is outside. Be sure to only change one attribute at a time whilst testing your products. This will ensure you find the root cause of your concerns.

Problem: Your candle is not burning all the way to the edge.

Solution: Try increasing your wick size. When you candles does not burn all the way to the edge, it means you have a wick which is too small and not delivering enough heat for the diameter of your candle. Have a look at our wick chart for a guide. Your own testing is always essential.


Problem: My candle does not smell as strong when compared to brand name candles.

Solution: Soy candles by nature do not have an as high scent throw when comparing to brand names. Many of the larger brand names, will use a paraffin wax or a soy / paraffin blend which improves the scent throw. You may wish to do the same. You may wish to test by adding your fragrance at a lower temperature, increasing the fragrance % slightly. The other alternatevely option is to try a different soy wax, such at EcoSoya CB-Advance which is designed to maximise the hot and cold scent throws. Universal Additive will also assist by helping to bind the FO with the wax, long term scent retention and helps with the overall appearance.


Problem: During the curing process, oil is pooling / mottling at the bottom of my candle and it looks damp / wet.

Solution: You have used too much fragrance oil. Try using less fragrance oil and test your results. Keep a record of your testing so you can refer back to it later. Keep in mind that some fragrant oils react differently, even if they come from the same supplier / manufacturer.


Problem: Holes, hollows and sink holes in the tops of your candles.

Solution: The most probable cause is the rapid / uneven cooling of the candle. There may have been a cool breeze or candles placed too close together, which forces the candles to cure unevenly. It may even be because the candles were poured at a lower temperature; try increasing the pour temperature slightly. The longer your candle takes to set, the better your wax composition will be.


Problem: Wax pulling away from the glass / wet spots.

Solution: When wax cools it contracts and you may find that in some places, the wax has actually pulled away from the glass, on the other side, it has adhered to the glass. Again, this can be caused by the rapid / sudden cooling of your candles or a cold night. You will find this to be less comon during summer or in the tropics. Try regulating the ambient temperature during the curing process or when storing your candles. You may also want to look at the type of wax you are using. EcoSoya CB-Advance is designed to actually pull away from the glass resulting in a perfect consistant candle. The longer your candle takes to set, the better your jar adhesion will be.


Problem: Candles are fading, discolouring or turning a yellow colour.

Solution: The cause of these issues is due to the exposure to direct sunlight or artificial fluro lighting, the natural colour of the fragrance used or the oxidisation of the fragrance itself. The vanilla family of fragrances is common for oxidisation. Some options for you to try include using a UV inhibitor, especially when colouring your candles, not exposing your candles to direct sunlight or long periods of artificial light and to keep the lid on your candles to prevent the oxidisation of the fragrance.