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UV Light and how it reacts with your candles

Do you like to build up your stock?  Do you have a shelf or a space where you store your candles, until they are used or sold?  With summer fast approaching, and the hotter days almost upon us, now is the time to start thinking about how to store your candles to get the most life out of them.

When selecting a storage area, we need to look at a few things.  In this post we will look at UV light.  UV light can effect the candle by changing the colour of it.  This happens for a few reasons, but the most common is that the fragrance is reacting with the UV light.  If you have an un-coloured candle, then once it is exposed to UV light for a period of time, it will likely start to change colour to yellow.  Some fragrances react differently and more aggressively than others.  While some Candles may only get an ever so slight yellow tinge to them after a long period of UV exposure, others can change to bright yellow within just a few short weeks.

If you have coloured candles, then you may notice they start to Grey when exposed to the UV light.  Again different colours react in a different way, and when coupled with fragrances, you start to have a unique mix of ingredients that will combine to react in their own way and at their own frequency. It is important to note that UV additive will not completely eliminate the problems associated with UV induced defects, but it will slow them down.

There are a couple of ways you can avoid these problems.  One is to keep your candles packed inside sealed boxes, in a cupboard.  Only bring them out when it is time to either use them or sell them.  Of course, if you are selling them, you will likely want to have them out on Display at the point of sale, but don’t despair.  You can use a product called UV Inhibitor.  This is a product that when added to your candles, it acts like sunscreen for them.  Usually used at around 0.2% loading in your wax, or 0.3% for particularly susceptible fragrances/colours.  If you have a look at our blocks they are very easy to use.  Just pop a full block into 2Kgs of wax, and you will be right to go. This additive should be mixed into your melted wax before adding any fragrance or colour.

The best thing to do is look at using a combination of UV inhibitor and sealed storage options to increase the longevity of your products.