Wicks are vital in the candle making world. Not only do they provide a focal point for your candle, it is the tool which uses capillary action to draw up the oils to provide fuel to your flame. Choosing a wick too large will provide too much fuel and result in a shorter burn time, mushrooming of your wick in addition to a larger & hotter flame. A wick to small will the the opposite effect, not enough fuel will be drawn and your flame with suffocate.

Below is a handy chart, which guides you to the correct wicks to use. Different factors effect the size wick required, so your own testing is vital!


Diameter Wick Size
28mm CDN 3
33mm CDN 4
40-45mm CDN 6
45-50mm CDN 7
50-55mm CDN 8
55-60mm CDN 10
60-65mm CDN 12
65-70mm CDN 14
70-75mm CDN 16
75-80mm CDN 18
80-85mm CDN 20
85-90mm CDN 22
90-95mm CDN 24
90-100mm CDN 26
95-105mm CDN 28
100-110mm CDN 30